Review premises licence or club premises licence

You can only apply for a review if you are a member of the public or responsible authority.

The Responsible Authorities are:

You can download an application for a review of a premises licence or a club premises certificate and, once you have completed it, send a copy to all responsible authorities.  A list of the responsible authorities and their addresses is available to advise you who you need to send copies of the application to.

Once we have received and checked your application, a 28 day representation period will begin. We will advertise that the licence is under review by displaying a notice at the premises and the council offices. During the 28 days, interested parties and responsible authorities are able to make representations against your application.

At the end of the representation period, we will arrange a hearing to decide what action to take, unless it is agreed that a hearing is unnecessary. We will write to you with information of the date and time of the hearing and along with information about how it works.

You can download the document Guidance for Interested Parties for more information.

If you apply to review a licence, it may result in:

You must allow at least 45 days for an application to be processed.

Laws and regulation

You can apply to review a licence under the Licensing Act 2003.