Vary a premises licence

If you hold a premises licence and want to alter the activities permitted or operating hours, you will need to make an application for a variation.

You can use this application to:

Any persons applying for a premises licence or full variation should contact the licensing authority and Police to seek advice and guidance prior to submission. This will give the applicant the best possible chance of being successful in their application.

Licensing authority
Phone: 01823 219152

Police licensing officer: Nicola Cooper

You can apply to vary a premises online or download the application form to vary a premises licence and return it to us with the appropriate fee and a 1:100 scale plan of the premises.  We have a guide on what needs to be included on a plan to help you.

If you wish to add the supply of alcohol to your licence you will need to specify an individual as a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) and they will need to complete the consent form.

Copies of the application then need to be sent to the relevant Responsible Authorities.

You must display a public notice on the premises on the day after we have received your application. You must also publish a notice in a local newspaper within 10 working days of us receiving your application. Further guidance on public notices is available to download.

Once we receive your application, a 28 day consultation period begins. During this period, Interested Parties and Responsible Authorities can make representations against your application. If an Interested Party or Responsible Authority wishes to make a representation, it must relate to one or more of the four licensing objectives. These are:

If we receive valid representations and cannot reach an agreement with you, the outcome of your application will be decided by the Licensing Sub-Committee. This is a committee made up of elected members of the Council. The hearing must take place within 20 working days, starting the day after the 28 consultation period ends.

Please allow at least two months for your application to be processed.

The application fee is based on the non-domestic rateable value of the premises. These are as follows:

Laws and regulation

Premises licences are granted under the Licensing Act 2003.