Pet shop licence

If you want to run a business that sells animals as pets you will need a licence.

To apply you need to complete and submit the following forms:
• Animal Licensing Standard Applicant Profile Section 1
• Animal Licensing Standard Declaration
• Application for Selling Animals as Pets

Once completed, return these to us with the relevant fee and a public liability insurance certificate.

A veterinary inspectors report is required if the shop is a new premises. You must pay the cost of the veterinary inspection.

Upon completion of the inspection, the applicant will then receive a star-rating based upon compliance, risk and standards.  The rating your premises receives pending inspection will determine the duration for which the licence will last (one, two or three years).  Please note, as new applicants will not have a compliance/complaint history with the local authority, they will initially always be treated as ‘high-risk’ and, as such, may not be eligible for the highest ratings until they renew the licence.  Full information about the rating system can be found by viewing the DEFRA guidance notes.

The cost to apply for the grant of a pet shop licence is £363. The cost to apply for a further licence is £346.

You can find out how the Council constructs its fees by downloading the document Guidance on fee construction.

It is strongly advised that you read the relevant guidance notes below for more information on best practice. 

You should allow two months for your application to be processed.

• Guidance Notes for Selling Animals as Pets 2018

Laws and regulation

Pet shop licences are issued under the Pet Animals Act 1951 and The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018.