Housing Benefit

If you are of working age and need to make a brand new claim for help towards your rent, you will need to claim Universal Credit. If you live in supported accommodation, you should claim Housing Benefit.

To get Housing Benefit you must pay rent. This could be for a property you rent from the Council, a private landlord or a Housing Association. Your home could be a bedsit, or a room in a shared flat or house or you could have use of the whole property. You must live in the accommodation for which you are claiming.

In certain circumstances we can pay Housing Benefit:

You will not get Housing Benefit if you rent your home from:

In some situations, we may refuse your claim for Housing Benefit even though you have to pay rent.

We may refuse your claim if we think your rental arrangement:

We may not be able to pay Housing Benefit if you:


If you currently get Housing Benefit and become a student, you can continue to get Housing Benefit if:

Students making brand new claims for help towards their housing costs will need to claim Universal Credit. Only students who have children or are disabled can get Universal Credit.

How much could I get?

Once you know it is Housing Benefit you need to claim (not Universal Credit) use our online benefit calculator to find out how much you could get.

If you rent your home from a private landlord, we will work out your benefit using the Local Housing Allowance rules. The GOV.uk website will tell you the number of bedrooms you are allowed. Enter your postcode to find out the weekly Local Housing Allowance - this is the maximum amount of benefit you could get. You will need to enter this figure in the calculator.

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