Under-occupancy for social housing tenants

If you rent your home from the council, a housing association or a registered social landlord, we may have to restrict your Housing Benefit if you are of working age and you have more bedrooms than the Government say you need.

You will be allowed one bedroom for:

These rules will apply even if:

If you have one 'spare' bedroom we will reduce the maximum amount of Housing Benefit you can get by 14 percent of the rent you pay each week.

If you have two or more 'spare' bedrooms, we will reduce the maximum Housing Benefit you can get by 25 percent.

For example, if you have 2 spare bedrooms and your weekly rent is £100 and your Housing Benefit is £30 a week, we must cut your Housing Benefit by £25. This means you will get Housing Benefit of £5 a week and you must pay £95 towards your rent.

We will not apply a restriction for the following people:

In joint tenancies, we’ll make a deduction based on the proportion of rent the Housing Benefit claimant has to pay.

If your Housing Benefit does not cover all of your rent and you need more help, you may be able to get some extra help through a Discretionary Housing Payment.