Ash Common Local Nature Reserve

Ash Common was our first Local Nature Reserve, and it is still the largest we have. The Common is home to a mixture of habitats, with areas of unimproved neutral grassland, semi-natural deciduous woodland, wet heath, scrub, bracken, Carr and stream. There are important features including hedgerows, lone trees, footpaths, rides, clearings and three small ponds. In spring and summer the Common comes alive with many wildflowers, providing food for many insects including bees and butterflies.

The Common is privately owned but we have managed the reserve since 1992 with grant aid from Natural England. We manage the reserve by mowing the unimproved neutral grassland, cutting back the bracken and scrub and coppicing the trees in the woodland areas.

A trail around the reserve starts at the main car park (Grid Reference ST 155 288). It is circular, and best attempted in a clockwise direction. It should take about 1 - 1 1/2 hours to complete (2.3 km). Stout footwear is advisable as the ground may be uneven and muddy in sections. Please keep dogs under control.

During the summer months the Common is vulnerable to fire damage, so please take care. Strictly no barbeques or fires are allowed.

Adders may also be found on the Common during the summer months. You and your dog may be at risk from Lyme disease when walking through bracken, grass and rough vegetation between April and October.

Lyme disease is an infection which can affect the skin and occasionally cause serious illness of the nervous system, joints or the heart. It is caused by a bacterium, transmitted by the bite of an infected tick. To minimise the risk, keep skin covered and where possible avoid brushing against vegetation. After walking always check yourself and your dog for ticks and remove them as soon as possible.


Please note: We have used the nearest post code to locate this reserve, it may not pinpoint the site accurately.