Gadds Valley Local Nature Reserve

Gadds Valley Local Nature Reserve is the latest reserve we have, being designated in 2010. It is also designated as a Local Wildlife site as it contains two notable plant species- scaly male fern and climbing corydalis. The valley contains an interesting mosaic of habitats from mature oak and conifer woodland through to open grassland, a quarry and a stream with marginal vegetation such as wavy bitter grass.

A permissive pathway leads you into the reserve from the public road, passing the ruins of an old mill presently hidden by laurel bushes and then the conifer plantation. After passing through a gate the path opens up into a semi improved grass area containing sweet vernal grass, cuckoo flower and yarrow. Informal paths extend up the valley sides, one leading to the quarry. The woodland, extant since 1837 occurs away from the valley floor and is dominated by oak, sycamore, beech and wild cherry. Ground flora is dominated by bluebells and Yorkshire fog.

The Crown Estate own and manage this reserve.





Please note: We have used the nearest post code to locate this reserve, it may not pinpoint the site accurately.