Netherclay Community Woodland Local Nature Reserve

Netherclay Community Woodland Local Nature Reserve borders the River Tone in Bishops Hull. It was designated as a LNR in 2004. With support from the Forestry Commission and the help of Bishops Hull Parish Council and local volunteers, we have planted over 16000 native trees of oak, ash, black poplar, dogwood and hazel. The Somerset Wildlife Trust then bought the adjoining site and has also planted it up with native trees.

Initially the wildlife interest of the site was confined to the River Tone which is used by many species including otter, kingfisher and grey wagtail. Fish species in the river include both salmon and brown trout.

The two woodlands have now achieved their aims which were:

Please take care whilst visiting the reserve. The ground is uneven in places and the River Tone is deep and fast flowing with a steep and unstable bank. Camping and fires are not permitted on the reserve.





Please note: We have used the nearest post code to locate this reserve, it may not pinpoint the site accurately.