South Taunton Streams Local Nature Reserve

South Taunton Streams Local Nature Reserve comprises of four sites:

These are located next to three watercourse (Mill Stream, Galmington Stream and Blackbrook Stream) which flow northwards through the suburbs of south Taunton before reaching the River Tone. The reserve is made up of these tributaries with other wetland habitats, ponds, species rich grassland, woodland and hedgerows.

The four sites support a wide range flora and fauna with colonies of water vole in several locations. Otters, kingfisher, sand martin and dippers can also be found. These linear wetland habitats are important foraging areas for bats, especially pipistrelle, lesser horseshoe and noctule. Otters, kingfisher, sand martin and dipper also regularly occur. A number of significant fish species are present including brook lamprey, while most of the locally occurring dragonfly and damselfly species can be found including white-legged damselfly.

The white admiral butterfly has also been recorded on one wooded section of the Sherford Stream.

White clawed crayfish were formerly present and great crested newts may be present in some of the ponds.





Please note: We have used the nearest post code to locate Mill Stream reserve, it may not pinpoint the site accurately and does not locate the other stream reserves.