Wellington Basins Local Nature Reserve

Wellington Basins Local Nature Reserve is made up of a small pond and boardwalk with a range of habitats including grassland, hedges and a community woodland. The pond and its margins have a varied flora and fauna. Five bat species have been recorded in the vicinity and birds such as grey wagtail, dipper and reed bunting regularly visit the reserve.

The Reserve along with the nearby old basin ponds have significant local historical and landscape interest. The weirs, sluices, bridges and other features on the waterways and ponds around the Basins enable a glance into part of the industrial history of Wellington.

The two large ponds (the Basins) were excavated between 1801 and 1803 to provide a constant flow of water to power the Fox Brothers factory.

The Basins with the complicated system of waterways needed three full-time workers to keep them operational, In the 1850's great mechanical improvements were made, and steam power was introduced.

With the advent of steam power, came the demise of the water wheel, but the Basins were still kept operational, for the Fox family thought they might one day prove useful, as the ghost of a great fire of 1821 still lurked in the background. Thus came about the myth of the Basins being built as an elaborate fire prevention system.





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