The purpose of consultations is to inform the decisions taken by the Council, to help make the best decisions based on the views of the community and the wider information available to the Council.

Consultation can:

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Council Tax Support consultation for changes in 2018/19

The Government abolished Council Tax Benefit on 1 April 2013 and Taunton Deane Borough Council replaced it with a local Council Tax Support scheme that took into account the reduction in Government funding. The scheme helps people on a low income by reducing the amount of Council Tax they have to pay.

While Council Tax Support is a local scheme, we are not allowed complete freedom on the rules we must apply. The Government state we must fully protect pensioners under the same rules that applied to Council Tax Benefit. This means we have no discretion in the help we give people over pension age, as there are nationally set rules for this group.

With further reductions in Government funding expected over the coming years, we are proposing to make some changes to Council Tax Support for working age people from 1 April 2018.

If we change our scheme, it could affect everyone living in Taunton Deane, not just those getting Council Tax Support. If we do not make changes, it could mean everyone would need to pay more in Council Tax, or it could affect the services residents get for their Council Tax.

Councillors considered a number of options for how we could change Council Tax Support for people of working age in a report on 24 May 2017.

We need to ask for people’s views before making any final decisions on changing our Council Tax Support scheme for working age people from 1 April 2018.

Please read the information booklet before completing the online questionnaire

The consultation period ends on 27 August 2017.

Draft Council Tax Banded Reduction scheme for 2018/19.