Report a change of circumstance

Our online form

You can choose which Council services are told about the change to your circumstances. The Revenues and Benefits Service who deal with Council Tax billing and collection will always be told of any changes made using our online form. This form will also allow you to report the change to other Council services, such as:

Use our online change of circumstances form to tell us about changes we need to know about:

Change of address

If you are new to the area, moved address within the area or have moved out of the area. 


Report the death of a friend or family member.

Landlords and letting agents

Tell us about any changes to your rental property. Provide full details about the occupation or vacation of tenants including tenancy start and end dates and forwarding or previous addresses.

Estate agents

Tell us about house sales. Provide the full names of the new owners of properties and their previous address and the forwarding address of the previous owners.

Changes affecting your Council Tax discount or reduction

You must tell us within 21 days if someone:

Changes affecting your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support

If you are getting Housing Benefit or the Council's means-tested Council Tax Support you must use the online benefits change of circumstance form to tell us about the following changes within 21 days:

Inform us of a change

using our online form

Inform us