Your Council Tax bill

You can pay your Council Tax in 10 monthly instalments between April and January. To reduce your monthly instalments, you can ask us to pay your bill over 12 months between April and March.

For bills issued on or after 1 May, the number of instalments reduces as follows:

Month of issue

Number of instalments

(10 months)

Number of instalments

(12 months)

April 10 12
May 9 11
June 8 10
July 7 9
August 6 8
September 5 7
October 4 6
November 3 5
December 2 4
January 1 3
February   2
March   1

Your payment must reach us by the 1st day of the month it is due. 

If you would like to pay on the 20th day of the month, you can only do this if you pay by Direct Debit.

We will tell you the amounts you need to pay at the bottom of your bill. If you experience any difficulty in paying by the dates shown on your bill or wish to check the amount you need to pay, please contact us.

If you wish to pay the full amount in one payment, please do this by 1st April.  If you wish to pay half-yearly, please pay the value of the first 5 instalments shown on your bill by 1st April and the balance by 1st September.

Please note: If you do not pay your Council Tax on time, we will take action to recover the sum due. This may result in us adding costs to your account.

Non-payment of Council Tax

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