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The Deane Helpline team have been looking after people for over 30 years, monitoring Lifeline alarms connected within Taunton Deane area and contracts across the South West.

The Deane Helpline is a 24/7 emergency alarm service, responding to your call for help at a touch of a button, using a Lifeline alarm unit which is installed in your own home using an existing telephone socket.

Whether it is a major emergency or a minor worry, the Deane Helpline Control Centre will assess your call and establish if the emergency services should be called immediately, dispatch our Emergency Response Officer or contact your Doctor, relative or carer, if more appropriate.

The Deane Helpline service is recognised by the Telecare Services Association in complying with the codes and practice for installation, monitoring, response, referral, Telecare planning and service tailoring.

When you request further information about this service, please have ready:

We will assess what is required and make a convenient appointment for a Lifeline Officer to demonstrate the Lifeline system in your own home. 

If you decide to become a Deane Helpline client, you will be asked to sign a 3 month initial contract.

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