Deane Helpline installation and use


The standard Lifeline equipment will need to be installed in your home. The Deane Helpline staff will arrange this for you at no extra cost - however please note that your home will have to have the following things in place before the installation can be done:

At the time of installation Lifeline Officers will ask you if you have any other pieces of equipment connected to the telephone line - (telephones, faxes, computers and Sky television for example). If you have more than 4 this will exceed the load on your telephone line to your household. Each item of equipment will have it's own REN value either on a sticker or in the brochure supplied with it. If you exceed the REN limit it will affect the household telephone line and may result in the Lifeline equipment not working.                           


When the Lifeline is no longer required it can be returned to the Deane Helpline Control Centre or an appointment can be made for one of our officers to collect it.  The account will not be cancelled until the Lifeline equipment is returned.

Loss or damage of equipment

A charge will be made for replacing any lost or damaged equipment.


A written complaint to Deane Helpline will receive an acknowledgement within 10 working days, either in full or an  interim reply indicating when a fuller response is likely to be available. Further information about Deane Helpline can be obtained by telephoning the Control Centre on 01823 257185.

Taunton Deane Borough Council official complaint forms can be obtained from Deane Helpline, Taunton Deane offices or on this site.


Using the Deane Helpline

Image of a finger on an alarm pendant, the Deane Helpline logo and a person sitting

When the red button on the Lifeline unit is pressed the call goes automatically to the Deane Helpline Control Centre in Taunton and the most appropriate action will be taken.

For calls such as if the person has fallen or if there is no response, the operator will call the Emergency Response Officer or your named contact, perhaps a neighbour or relative, to attend.

If named contacts are not available our Emergency Response Officer will be called to attend. On arrival at a client's home our Emergency Response Officer will assess the problem and take the appropriate action. Further assistance may be required in some instances, in which case a second Emergency Response Officer, doctor or ambulance may be called.

We have both male and female Emergency Response Officers who are trained in first aid and have special lifting equipment, but are not medically qualified. Calls are recorded for statistical information, service review and for an accurate record of events.

Pressing the red button accidentally

Occasionally calls are received in the Control Centre which have been accidentally triggered via the Lifeline pendant or the unit. Should this happen, do not worry, merely advise the operator that you are alright and that it was a mistake.  The operator will then close the call down and your unit will return to stand-by.  No further action is needed.

Electrical power cut

If there is an electrical power cut the Lifeline unit will work for up to 36 hours with the red light flashing and it may have a beeping noise.

If the electrical power cut is more than an hour the Lifeline unit will automatically call the Control Centre to inform them you have no electricity.

No dialling tone

If you have no dialling tone on your telephone you may have a line fault. Please notify your telephone provider or call the Deane Helpline Control Centre on telephone 01823 257185.

All of our visiting staff carry identification, do ask to see it and call our Control Centre telephone number to verify if you are not sure.