Council documents

We produce documents, agendas and reports which tell you how we work as a Council.

Future plans

Committees, boards and panels

Committees, board and panels are all the public meetings of the Council. Each Committee, board or panel will have a member of staff, who you can contact via email or telephone should you need to. Alternatively you can contact directly the Members who are assigned to the various Committees, boards or panels. We provide contact details for all of these individuals, the details of which Members sit on which committee and the Agendas and Minutes.

Groups and committees your representatives are involved with

Current elections

Electoral Services is responsible for the publication of the Register of Electors. It also deals with everything relating to the administration of elections held within the Borough of Taunton Deane.

Elections and the results of recent elections

How we perform

Monitoring the Corporate Strategy, performance indicators and budget is an important part of the Council's performance management framework. Regular scrutiny of its performance is an essential part of the Council's Governance framework. The quarterly performance reports are submitted to our Corporate Scrutiny and Executive committees.

Accounts, audits and performance

Civic dignitaries

Every year all 56 Taunton Deane Councillors elect one of their number to be Mayor of Taunton Deane. Taunton Deane Borough Council was inaugurated on the 7th June 1973. The Borough Charter was granted on the 10th March 1975.

The Mayor has two very important jobs; firstly the Mayor chairs the Council. When all the Councillors meet together, the Mayor is the Chairman and regulates the debate and secondly, the Mayor is the First Citizen of Taunton Deane. The Mayor is the first representative of all the people who live in this area.

You can find out what the Mayor is doing each week by reading the Mayor's engagements in the Weekly Bulletin. The Mayor of Taunton Deane welcomes invitations from local organisations and individuals for appearances in an official capacity. All invites will be shown to the Mayor, but due to demand it may not be possible to accept.

How we make decisions

Find Council Policies and Strategies here.


Consultation can provide invaluable information about improving services, plans and partnerships across Taunton Deane. Allow us to determine which priorities to focus our time and resources on. Help to generate ideas, issues and solutions, and identify key people to be involved in the planning process.

You can have your say on current consultations.

Comments and complaints

You can leave your comments for us, as well as finding out about the complaints process.

Weekly Bulletin

Find the latest Council News in our Weekly Bulletin.