What the Council does when it receives a petition

All written petitions sent or presented to the Council will receive an acknowledgement within 10 working days of receipt to the petition organiser and will explain what happens next. Details of your petition will be provided to the Chairman of the Council (the Mayor), the political party group leaders, the Monitoring Officer and the Chief Executive. If a Petition is successful, you can present a petition at a Council Meeting.

Template of a petition form which you can use when submitting your own petition.

Presenting a petition

Any type of petition can be presented by you at a Council Meeting although only those containing a minimum of 200 signatures (or 200 signed up to online via an e-Petition) will actually be debated or discussed there. You have the option of speaking at the meeting if you wish, where you can speak in support of your petition for up to five minutes. We will contact you to discuss the format of the meeting and what you can expect for the options for responding to your petition.

How the Council will respond to a petition

The Council's response to a petition will depend on what the petition asks for, but may include one or more of the following:

What you can do if you feel a petition has not been dealt with properly

You have the right of appeal via the relevant Scrutiny Committee. Please provide a short explanation of why you think your petition has not been handled properly to the Democratic Services Manager as promptly as possible and we will acknowledge your appeal with information on the next steps. The Scrutiny Committees are both public meetings so you should be offered the right to attend and if possible speak on behalf of your appeal. Once your appeal has been considered, you will be informed of the result within five working days and the result will also be published on our website.

Excluded matters 

Excluded matters are matters that are excluded from the scope of the petitions duty and these are:-

You can submit a written petition via email or in writing to:

Democratic Services
The Deane House
Belvedere Road


Phone: 01823 356356

Please indicate in the body of your email what your petition is in reference to.

Alternatively, you can give your petition to your local Councillor who will deliver it on your behalf.