Speaking at a Council meeting

You are welcome to attend Council meetings and listen to the discussion. You can request to speak at a Council Meeting by completing our online Request to speak at a Council meeting form.

Asking a question

If you would like to ask a question at a meeting you will need to speak to the Democratic Services Team in advance or upon arrival at the meeting. You can contact them by:

Email: democraticservices@tauntondeane.gov.uk 

Phone: 01823 356356

The Democratic Services Officer will take the details of your question and the Chairman will then invite you to speak when at the meeting.

Guidelines to follow

You can ask questions at the beginning of the meeting but speaking is limited to four minutes. You can only speak to the Committee once. If there are a group of people attending to speak about a particular item then a representative should be chosen to speak on behalf of the group.


Request to speak at a Council meeting

Fill in the request to speak at a Council meeting online form

Request it