Members Code of Conduct

Member Code of Conduct

You can complain about a Councillor if you believe they have breached the Councillor Code of Conduct. The Standards Advisory Committee also deals with complaints against Parish Councillors.

Complain about a Councillor

When completing the Complaint form, please provide us with your name and a contact address or email, so that we can acknowledge receipt of your complaint and keep you informed of its progress. If you want to keep your name and address confidential, please indicate this in the space provided on the form, and your name and details will then not be disclosed to the member against whom you have complained about without your prior consent. The authority does not normally investigate anonymous complaints, unless there is a clear public interest in doing so.

The Monitoring Officer will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 10 working days of receipt, and will keep you informed of the progress of your complaint. In addition, the Monitoring Officer will notify the subject member of the complaint.

The role of the Standards Advisory Committee

In accordance with the Localism Act 2011, Taunton Deane Borough Council adopted a code of conduct for its elected members and co-opted members, a copy of which can be found in the Council's Constitution.

The Council has a duty under the act to promote and maintain high standards of conduct and in order to lead on this work have established a Standards Advisory Committee which make recommendations to Full Council in this respect.

All elected councillors (and any co-opted members) are subject to the code of conduct for councillors. The Standards Advisory Committee promotes and maintains high standards of conduct by councillors, co-opted members, and council officers. Meetings are open to the public and further details on specific meetings can be found in the meetings diary.

The committee has a sub committee, which conducts hearings into allegations of breach of the code of conduct following an investigation report referred by the monitoring officer.

Full details of the responsibilities of the Standards Committee are in the constitution.

Arrangements for dealing with Standards allegations under the Localism Act 2011

Will my complaint be investigated?

The Monitoring Officer will review every complaint received and, after consultation with the Independent Person, take a decision as to whether it merits formal investigation. This decision will normally be taken within 2 calendar months of receipt of your complaint, and you will be informed of that decision and the reasoning behind it.

Other ways to complain about The Mayor or a Councillor

Write to:

Monitoring Officer
The Deane House
Taunton Deane Borough Council
Belvedere Road

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