Stray dogs

If you have found a dog you believe to be lost or stray, you can report it to the Taunton Deane Borough Council Dog Warden service which is based at St Giles Kennels, Taunton.  We have a legal duty to collect confined strays and take them to kennels.  A confined stray means a dog that has been caught and is being held by a member of the public.

A stray dog is one which is not under the control of its owner or the person looking after it.

If you find a dog which you think is a stray, first make sure the dog really is a stray and that an owner is not nearby. If you are sure the dog is a stray and the dog has an identity tag, try to contact the owners and ask them to collect it.

If there is no tag or you can't contact the owners you can report it by calling the Dog Warden service on 01823 356356.

The first time the dog warden collects a stray dog, assuming they are microchipped and we can contact the owners we will try to return the dog, give them a verbal warning and charge a reduced fee.

On following occasions, or when the owner cannot be contacted immediately, the dog will be taken to kennels. Dogs seized by the dog warden will be taken to St Giles Kennels, Wrantage.

Under the Microchipping of Dogs (England) Regulations 2015 it is compulsory for all dogs in England over the age of eight weeks to be fitted with microchips.  Further information regarding microchipping can be found on the website.

To get their dog back owners must pay a fine of £25 plus costs and daily kennelling fees. They may also be responsible for paying any veterinary fees if the dog has had to receive urgent treatment for sickness or injury.

The dog will remain in the kennels for seven clear days (up to nine days including the day it was collected and the day it becomes the property of the Council) from where the owner can reclaim it between 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm seven days a week with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Easter Sunday. After seven clear days if the dog is not claimed, the dog becomes the property of the Council and will normally be re-homed.

If you live in Taunton Deane and find a stray in another council's area, for example while you are on a day trip, please do not bring it back to Taunton but report it to the council for the area where you found it.

The Dogs Trust provide a wide range for helpful advice for dog owners.

Stray dog kennelling costs

The dog kennelling charges are up to:

Between 8am and 8pm seven days a week the Dog Warden will attend and collect a confined stray. 

Outside these hours the service is restricted to emergency situations only where the finder or the dog are at risk.

Somerset dog wardens will offer advice to customers who have found and confined a stray dog out of normal office hours. Please call 01823 356356 6pm-8am.

Laws and regulation

The Council has a legal duty under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 section 149 to collect stray dogs and take them to kennels. This is the only legal duty the dog wardens have to provide. It is an offence under The Control of Dogs Order 1992 for a dog to be in a public place without a collar and tag bearing the name and address of its owners. There are also several by-laws within Taunton Deane requiring dog on leads and dog ban areas. These will be clearly signed and details of all the by-laws are available from the dog warden on request.