Pest control

The Council offer a pest control service to treat for rats, mice and wasps. We do not treat any other pests.

All pest treatments are carried out by our fully trained Pest Control Officer who will survey the infested area and treat as needed.

We also offer contracts for some pest control treatments which are available to give you peace of mind if you have a regular problem with pest activity.

Our pest control officer is able to identify most pests and will be happy to give you details of any strange insects you find in your home, free of charge.

To arrange a pest control treatment or for further advice please telephone us on 01823 356337 or email us at

Leaflets about rats, mice, wasps and bees are available to download.

Information about a wide range of other pests can be found on the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) website.

The cost of pest control treatments for domestic and commercial properties

Please be aware that our pest control officer cannot take cash.  Payment needs to be by cheque or card (over the telephone) only.

Domestic properties

The cost of treatments are:

Where two or more nests are found, an additional nest charge of 20 percent per nest (£11.00) is payable for each additional nest.

Advice only visits do not include any treatment.  If you do need a pest control treatment at the time of the visit then you will need to pay the full treatment amount.  If treatment is requested and a new appointment is needed, you will need to pay the advice only fee and the full treatment amount.

* The subsidised charge will only apply if you or your partner are in receipt of, and can provide proof of:

Domestic contracts are available for the treatment of rats and mice for £112.75 per year.

Commercial properties

The cost of treatments are:

Commercial contracts are available for the treatment of rats, mice and insects. Contracts are competitively priced on an individual basis using an hourly rate and material costs.

Laws and regulation

We have a duty under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 to ensure that the district is kept free of rats and mice. We can serve notice upon the owners or occupiers of infested land requiring that they get rid of any infestation.