Prize gaming permit

If you would like to provide facilities at a premises for gaming with prizes, you must apply for a prize gaming permit.

You must be the occupier of a premises and over 18 to apply for a prize gaming permit.

You cannot apply if a club gaming permit or premises licence issued under the Licensing Act 2003, is in effect for the same premises.

To apply for a permit please download the application form for conversion/grant of a prize gaming permit and, once completed send the form into us with the fee of £300.

Once we receive your application we will consult the Chief Officer of the Police.

The Police can object based on the licensing objectives. These objectives are:

We must also consider your suitability in terms of any prior convictions you may have that would make you unsuitable to operate prize gaming, and the suitability of the premises in relation to their location and issues of disorder.

A prize gaming permit will last for 10 years.

In deciding on your application we must consider the licensing objectives and guidance issued by the Gambling Commission.

You should allow up to two months for the application to be processed.

Laws and regulation

Prize Gaming Permits are issued under the Gambling Act 2005.