Sand bags

If you live within Taunton Deane and your property is at imminent risk of flooding, you can apply for sand bags from us.

Residential properties can get sand bags free of charge.

Businesses are charged per sand bag and delivery, please telephone for a quote.

01823 356356 Monday to Friday 8:00am-6:00pm
01823 351411 out of hours

We deliver sand bags upon request, to properties at imminent risk of flooding.

We do not issue sand bags "just in case", as they deteriorate over time and this may divert supplies away from more immediate needs.

Please note that we do not collect used sandbags.

If you think your property could be at risk of flooding we recommend you take precautions and obtain sandbags in advance privately.

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Phone: 01823 356356

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Phone: 01823 351411

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