Trees owned by the Council

Trees owned by Taunton Deane Borough Council are inspected for safety on a cycle between 1 and 5 years according to the level of public use in the area surrounding the tree. Inspections are carried out by our Arboricultural Officer who verifies whether any works are necessary to make our trees safe.

If council owned trees pose a danger to people or properties we will carry out emergency works within 24 hours of the report, or necessary works within 18 months, if the tree does not pose an imminent danger.

Signs which may mean that a tree needs attention but does not require an emergency response include a tree which is:

Report a problem

To report a problem with a council owned tree please fill out on of our online forms:

To report a tree related emergency out of hours please call Deane Helpline on telephone 01823 351411.

The Council is not legally obliged to prune or fell a tree to:

There is a Common Law right to remove / reduce a nuisance associated with trees encroaching onto private property. If you would like to exercise this law please contact Parks and Open Spaces Department on telephone 01823 217527, but please note that:

The Council will investigate all claims of damage being caused to buildings and other structures caused by council owned trees. We investigate all claims rigorously and will challenge any claim that we feel is bogus or false.

If you believe your property is suffering subsidence due to the action of council owned trees or you are concerned about potential damage please contact your property insurer to discuss an appropriate course of action.

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