Vivary Park

Vivary Park is located close to Taunton town centre; it covers 7.5 hectares of parkland. The park occupies the land that in medieval times was the fish farm or vivarium for the priory and castle. There are no visible remains of the lakes now, but this ancient use lives on in the park's name 'Vivary'.

Vivary Park

The public park was developed on a site which, because of its close proximity to the centre of the town, had been used as the venue for public events since at least 1851 (Taunton Flower Show). Ever since being laid out in 1895, it has continued to be very well used for both informal recreation and more organised events. The front gates, bandstand and one shelter date from this time. In 1902 an oak tree was planted close to the bandstand to mark the coronation of Edward VII. With funds left over from the celebrations, the fountain was commissioned as a memorial to the late Queen Victoria. It was unveiled in 1907.

The park originally formed a part of the open setting to Wilton house. The Park was extended to incorporate a part of the garden of Wilton House in 1924.

Vivary Park represents a good surviving example of a simple municipal park from the late Victorian period.

Access and entrances

Main entrance via Upper High Street, southern entrance via Mount Street and Western entrance via wooden bridge from Wilton Lands.


Large children's adventure play area, tree trail, public toilets with disabled facilities, tennis courts (turn up and play), nearby café (Vivary Golf Club), Vivary Adventure and High Ropes Centre, Pay and Play Golf Course, Mini Golf, details available from Better (formerly Tone Leisure).

Bowling green and indoor rinks maintained by the Taunton Bowling Club, for details please call 01823 253899.


Public car parks on Fons George, Ash Meadows and Orchard multi storey car park nearby.