The Mayor's diary

You can find out what the Mayor is doing each week by reading the Mayor's engagements in the Weekly Bulletin.

The Mayor of Taunton Deane welcomes invitations from local organisations and individuals for appearances in an official capacity. All invites will be shown to the Mayor, but due to demand it may not be possible to accept.

You can request an appearance by emailing or by completing the Mayor's attendance form and sending it in writing to:

The Mayors Office
Taunton Deane Borough Council
The Deane House
Belvedere Road

When you contact us with a Mayoral invite please let us know:

What does the Mayor do?

Every year all 56 Taunton Deane Councillors elect one of their number to be Mayor of Taunton Deane. Taunton Deane Borough Council was inaugurated on the 7th June 1973. The Borough Charter was granted on the 10th March 1975.

The Mayor has two very important jobs; firstly the Mayor chairs the Council. When all the Councillors meet together, the Mayor is the Chairman and regulates the debate and secondly, the Mayor is the First Citizen of Taunton Deane. The Mayor is the first representative of all the people who live in this area. For example it is the Mayor who would welcome important visitors, lead major celebrations or visit new businesses to welcome them to the commercial life of the Borough.

Full list of past Mayor's of Taunton Deane