Project Design Group and public consultation events

North Taunton Woolway Project Design Group

The Design Group consists of members of the North Taunton community who work in partnership with the North Taunton Project Team.

Taking part in the Design Group involves meeting at key stages during the course of the project, influencing and deciding on its priorities. The Design Group members' contribution and attendance is required at 10 design group meetings, 4 public consultations and 4 newsletters.

The Design Group have elected Bob Joyce as Vice Chair, Donna Morris as Vice Secretary and Adria Martin as Communications Coordinator.

We are grateful to all the Design Group members who volunteer their time and to maximise the benefit for group members and the wider community, a code of conduct has been created.

Design Group meeting minutes and agendas will be displayed on our website, project Facebook and in the project community office at 27 Rochester Road.


Design Group 1

Minutes 18 October 2017

Design Group 2

Agenda 15 November 2017

Minutes 15 November 2017

Design Group 3

Agenda 17 January 2018

Minutes 17 January 2018

Design Group 4 Confidential Meeting

Agenda 7 March 2018 

Minutes 7 March 2018

Design Group 5 Confidential Meeting

Agenda 23 March 2018

Design Group 6 Confidential Meeting

Agenda 18 April 2018

Design Group 7 Confidential Meeting

Agenda 23 May 2018

Design Group 8

Design Group 9

Public consultation events

Information that the Design Group work on will be brought to a public consultation to allow the wider North Taunton community to view and have the opportunity to comment on.

Information from public consultations

Public Consultation Event 1 - 4 October 2017

Public Consultation Event 2 - 14 February 2018

Public Consultation Event 3 - 8 June 2018

Public Consultation Event 4 - 5 October 2018

Consultation Charter

Properties proposed for repair