Vary a sex establishment licence

If you hold a sex establishment licence and wish to make changes to it, or to the premises holding it, you must make an application.

You need to make this application if you want to make any of the following changes to the current sex establishment licence:

To apply to vary a licence you can download an application to vary a sex establishment licence and, once completed, send it into us with a 1:200 scale plan and the fee.

An application to vary a sex establishment licence costs £85.

You can find out how the Council constructs its fees by downloading the document Guidance on fee construction.

You must also send a copy of the application to:

Police Licensing Officer
Taunton Police Station

You must send it within seven days of the application being made. You must display a notice for 21 days beginning from the date the application is received. The notice needs to be displayed on or near the premises in a place where it is easy for the public to read. You should publish a public notice in the local newspaper within seven days of the application and send a copy to us.

When we have received and checked your application, we begin a 28 day consultation period. This gives members of the public a chance to object. If objections are received application will be considered by the Licensing Committee.

Please allow at least three months for your application to be processed.

Laws and regulation

Sex establishments are regulated in accordance with Schedule 3 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982.