Emerging local plans and policy

Work on new local plans which will bring together existing planning policies from the existing local plan, Taunton Town Centre Area Action Plan, Core Strategy and Site Allocations and Development Management Plan is now underway. 

Some important evidence base gathering has already started. In November 2016 a new Strategic Housing Market Assessment was published. This document provides the starting point for assessing the scale and mix of new housing which will be required to meet expected population change over the next twenty years or so. Several other key commissions including work on retail/leisure, employment, playing pitches, green infrastructure and flood risk are also being progressed.

Key documents

In Spring 2016 the Council commissioned Peter Brett Associates (supported by Lacey Haley Caley who are providing urban design advice) to prepare a Local Development Order (LDO) for a new strategic employment site east of junction 25 of the M5 motorway. A LDO is a planning tool which can be used to permit planning consent for development in line with requirements set by the Council. Nexus 25 LDO was adopted 14 March 2018 by the Council. 

Development land

Landowners, organisations or developers can promote land to the Council as available for housing and/or commercial development. The Council will consider these sites and others in producing development plans for the Borough and compiling evidence on future supply. Details of land for consideration can be submitted at any time using the call for sites form

Sites promoted for housing submitted by 31 December each year, will be considered for inclusion in the SHLAA review due to be published in March the following year.