Food Safety Week 15062017

New research indicates that people in the South West could be putting themselves and their families at risk of food poisoning through lack of knowledge of the 4Cs of food hygiene: Chilling, Cooking, Cleaning and avoiding Cross-contamination.
The Food Standards Agency’s Food and You Survey, which collects information on food safety through 3,118 interviews across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, found that:

Erica Lake, Environmental Health Manager at TDBC and WSC said: “These figures show that there's more that people could do to keep themselves and their loved ones safe this summer.  That's why the Councils are working with the Food Standards Agency to promote good hygiene practices during Food Safety Week.  This year the week aims to encourage better hygiene practices for summer, when the risk of getting food poisoning goes up”.

For tips on how to stay safe this summer visit: