Rain fails to stop play - 16 August 2017

The front line agencies including Wellington getset Children’s Centre, Besom, TDBC, Wellington One Team, Knightstone Housing, GLL (formerly Tone Leisure) and Churches Together, put on a community event at the Wellington Monument.

Transport was kindly provided by Kristen Lambert from the Blackdown Hills Nature and Wellbeing Project giving families an opportunity to explore the area and enjoy a local historical beauty spot.

Organisers were also joined by Jayne Kayley from the Somerset Play Forum, and Jenny Weston from the National Trust.

The families and children took part in a variety of arts and crafts activities and enjoyed helping to design a banner bought by the National Trust for the 200th anniversary celebrations that will be held at the monument in October.

The nature trail also proved to be a popular activity giving families the perfect opportunity to enjoy their countryside surroundings.

Deputy Wellington Town Clerk Debbie Bere who attended the event said: “It was a great event, full of activities and enjoyed by everyone despite the rain.”

The Wellington One Team would like to thank the families for supporting the event despite the unseasonal weather conditions.