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Make a comment or complaint

Make a comment or complaint

Make a local authority search application

Information about how to make a Local Authority Search application.

Make a payment

Making a payment to Taunton Deane Borough Council.

Mayor of Taunton Deane

Find out about the Mayor of Taunton Deane here. You can learn about the history of the Mayor, find out about the current Mayor, as well as how to invite the Mayor to an event.

Meeting halls

You will be able to find information regarding Taunton Deane Borough Council Sheltered housings meeting halls

Members Code of Conduct

Find out about the Standards Advisory Committee and how to make a complaint against a Councillor if they have breached the code of conduct.

Missed waste collection

If your recycling, rubbish, clinical waste or garden waste has not been collected by 4:30pm on your collection day, you can report it here.

Missing life ring or lifebuoy

Report a missing life ring or lifebuoy


Monitoring as an important part of planning policy implementation. Without it, it would be impossible to establish whether the policies set out in Local Plans and other documents were having their intended effect.

My Property

Search for your bin collection days and Councillor information using your postcode.