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Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

Our safeguarding children and vulnerable adults policy.

Safety Advisory Group

Information about the Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

Sand bags

Apply for sand bags from TDBC if your property is at imminent risk of flooding.

Scrap metal dealer licence

We are responsible for licensing any business that involves the buying or selling of scrap metal. This includes motor salvage operators, businesses that buy written off vehicles for them to be repaired and re-sold or recover parts from vehicles for them to be sold on.

Section 106 agreements

Section 106 agreements are also known as Planning Obligations. If you are submitting a planning application, you may need to enter into a legal agreement with the Council under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (amended by Section 12 of the Planning and Compensation Act 1991). Section 106 is entitled, 'Agreements Regulating Development or Use of Land'.

See or comment on a planning application

This service allows you to view details and make comments on planning applications which are being considered, view decision notices, as well as viewing information for historic applications.

Self-build and custom house-building projects

Self-build or custom house-building is typically where an individual or individuals commission the construction of a new house from a builder, contractor, package company or physically build a house for themselves. This form of housing can include individual or community projects; blocks of apartments or houses.

Selling to the Council

For information about our procurement policies, processes and to access contract opportunities.

Severe weather information

Severe weather can bring many challenges and can cause disruptions across Taunton Deane.

Sex establishment licence

We are responsible for licensing sex establishments. This includes any premises which sells sex articles, sex cinemas and premises which provide sexual entertainment to members of the public.

Shadow Authority

Shadow Arrangements are designed to ensure that members safely manage the transition from two councils into one.

Sheltered and extra care housing

Sheltered and Extra Care Housing

Sheltered housing

Sheltered Housing is a service for those tenants over 60 who need some support to live independently. The properties have emergency response equipment installed as a service standard.

Silk Mills Local Nature Reserve

Silk Mills LNR was designated in January 2010.The reserve consists of three parcels of land mainly set amidst farmland adjacent to the River Tone to the west of Taunton town centre.

Single person's discount review

Single person's discount review

Site allocations and development management plan

The Site Allocations and Development Management Plan (SADMP) was adopted in December 2016. This Plan sets out more detailed site allocations to meet land requirements up to 2028 and also includes specific, detailed development management policies. It fits within the framework of the adopted Core Strategy.

Skin piercing licence

We are responsible for licensing all skin piercers and skin piercing premises within Taunton Deane. Skin piercing includes acupuncture and tattooing.

Smokefree Somerset

We enforce Smokefree legislation which means that smoking is no longer permitted in workplaces and public places that are 'enclosed' or 'substantially enclosed'.

Social media moderation guidance

Our social media moderation guidance.

Somerset Armed Forces Covenant

The Somerset Armed Forces Covenant is a promise from the nation to those who serve. It says we will do all we can to ensure they are treated fairly and not disadvantaged in their day-to-day lives.

Somerset West and Taunton Council

Somerset West and Taunton Council Appointment of Auditors

South Street

South Street car park

South Taunton Streams Local Nature Reserve

South Taunton Streams LNR comprises of four sites: Mill Stream, Killams, Glasses Mead, Blackbrook Open Space. The reserve is made up of these tributaries with other wetland habitats, ponds, species rich grassland, woodland and hedgerows.

Speaking at a Council meeting

Find out how to speak and ask a question at a Council Meeting.

Speaking at planning meetings

Find out how to speak and ask a question at a planning meeting.

Sports facilities

List of public sports facilities in Taunton Deane, including location.

Statement of accounts

Taunton Deane Borough Council's Statement of Accounts

Stray dogs

We can advise you what to do if you find a dog that you believe to be a stray in the Taunton Deane district.

Street collection permit

We are responsible for issuing street collection permits which allow a person to collect money or sell items for the benefit of a charitable purpose on any street or public place

Street licensing

We are responsible for issuing permits and consents for activities that are carried out on the street in Taunton Deane. This includes street trading, street collections, pavement cafes and street parties.

Street lighting

Taunton Deane Borough Council are responsible for street lights on Council owned property, for example within public parks and car parks.

Street naming and numbering

The Council has a duty under the Public Health Act 1925 for the naming and numbering of new developments and renaming of properties.

Street trading consent

We are responsible for issuing street trading consents within Taunton Deane.

Street trading in Taunton Town centre

Information on how to apply for street trading consent in Taunton town centre.

Subject Access Requests

Request information under the Data Protection Act.

Sundry debtors

Information about sundry debtor invoices issued by Taunton Deane Borough Council

Surrender a premises licence

Information about how to surrender a premises licence if you no longer wish to use it and be responsible for paying the annual fee.

Swains Lane Local Nature Reserve

Swains Lane LNR is made up of two small fields bounded by banked elm hedgerows and surrounded by housing. The grassland is semi-improved and contains the occasional cuckoo flower, meadowsweet, and doves foot cranes bill.