Sundry debtors

If you owe the council money for a service which isn't Council Tax or Business Rates, we call this a 'Sundry Debt'. We will collect this money by sending you a sundry debtor invoice.

We will send a sundry debtor invoice to collect the following types of debts and charges:

The Corporate Debt Team of the Revenues and Benefits Service is responsible for the billing and collecting these debts in line with the council's corporate debt policy.

If you have a query about invoice, contact the service who raised the debt - their telephone number will be on your invoice.

Difficulty in paying

If you fail to pay your invoice by the due date, we will send you a reminder and then a final notice.

If you think you will struggle to pay your invoice, please telephone us on 01823 219139 or email  We may be able to set up an alternative repayment plan.

Non-payment of your invoice will mean we pursue your debt through the County Court. 

Electronic billing

If you would like to receive your invoice by email, please contact us.

Change of address

If you change your address, please tell us.  Telephone 01823 219139 or email

Make an online payment

using your debit or credit card

Pay online