Former tenant rent arrears

When you leave one of our properties and do not take up another tenancy with us, you become known as a 'former tenant'. If you leave one of our properties and owe us money, this debt is known as former tenant arrears.

Former tenant arrears can be for numerous things such as:

Paying former tenant rent arrears

The best way to clear arrears is to make a payment in full. Payment of former tenant arrears can be made in the following ways:

However, we realise this is not always possible. If you cannot do this, you should contact Accounts Receivable immediately on 01823 219139 to make a payment arrangement to repay the money you owe. This payment arrangement should be at a level you can afford, and will allow payments to be made monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

If you are experiencing difficulty in paying your arrears it is important to act quickly and inform us straight away. We will try to help and offer advice through our Debt and Benefit Advisors. 

Non-payment of former tenant rent arrears

If you fail to pay your arrears in full or make and follow a payment arrangement, we can:

If you do not give us you're forwarding address, we will use a tracing agency to find out:

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Pay rent arrears

You can use our secure payment system to pay rent arrears online

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