Housing needs surveys

As a local authority, we regularly assess housing need.  In order to do this, the Housing Enabling team undertake Housing Needs Surveys on behalf of Parish Councils, Developers, etc.  We ask a series of questions about current living situations, future aspirations and income, amongst other information, to help us identify current and future housing needs within the area. 

The information gathered within the survey helps to identify the nature of tenure homes required ie social/affordable rented, shared ownership and other low cost home ownership options in the area.  This assists us in shaping the future development of new homes, in particular affordable housing and will help to ensure that investment in this affordable housing matches local needs as far as possible. 

The information gathered is analysed into a summary report which is available to the public. However, individual data collected through the survey will be kept strictly confidential by Taunton Deane Borough Council and will not be shared with any third parties. 

Housing needs survey charging schedule

Number of households Price Total
Up to 250 Households £1500 plus VAT £1800 incl VAT
250-500 Households £2100 plus VAT £2520 incl VAT
500-1000 Households £2450 plus VAT £2940 incl VAT
1000-1500 Households £3300 plus VAT £3960 incl VAT
1500-2000 Households £4150 plus VAT £4980 incl VAT

If you would like more information on Housing Needs Surveys or are interested in having a Housing Needs Survey undertaken, please contact the Housing Enabling Team on email housing.enabling@tauntondeane.gov.uk or call us on 01823 219465