Interim authority notice

If the holder of a premises licence dies suddenly, becomes bankrupt or mentally incapable, an interim authority notice can be submitted to us.

An interim authority notice can only be submitted by either a person with a prescribed interest in the premises or by a person connected to the former holder of the licence. For example, a personal representative, a person with power of attorney or an insolvency practitioner.

You can apply for an interim authority notice online via  Alternatively you can download the interim authority notice application form and, once completed, send it into us within seven days of the death, incapacity or insolvency of the premises licence holder, along with the fee of £23.

The interim authority notice lasts for seven days from the date of the notice or a maximum of two months if a copy of the notice is served on the Chief Officer of the Police within the first seven days.

The police can, in exceptional circumstances, within 48 hours of receiving this notice decide to cancel it if they feel that the crime prevention licensing objective is undermined.

By the end of the interim authority notice period we must receive an application to transfer the premises licence or the premises licence will end.

Licensable activities authorised by the premises licence are allowed to continue when the notice is served within seven days.

Laws and regulation

Interim Authority Notices are submitted under the Licensing Act 2003.