Bickenhall Orchard Local Nature Reserve

Bickenhall Orchard Local Nature Reserve is a small traditional orchard around 0.6 ha in size. Such orchards are becoming increasingly rare as old trees may be grubbed up and herbicides and pesticides may be used on such sites. Bickenhall Orchard has a variety of standard fruit trees of uncommon varieties of apple and pear. Some of the apple trees support a rich community of mosses and lichens and several contain large clumps of mistletoe. The grassland of the orchard is species rich and supports many species with a wide range of herbs including yarrow, fleabane, black, knapweed, cowslip and common spotted orchid. Deciduous hedgerows surround most of the site, while aspen and scrub have invaded the southeast corner. There is a diverse invertebrate population (especially grasshoppers, crickets and ants) at the reserve. Meadow brown, ringlet and marbled white butterflies have been seen, as well as badgers and slow worms.

The grassland in the orchard is cut as a hay meadow.




Please note: We have used the nearest post code to locate this reserve, it may not pinpoint the site accurately.