Frieze Hill Community Orchard Local Nature Reserve

In 1918, land at Frieze Hill was conveyed to the Town Council for the purpose of allotments, agriculture or the production of food by a Mr H G Turner. Part of the land became allotments and the remaining was leased to a local farmer. Following the end of the leasehold, part of the land became unused, so the Council began to investigate the feasibility of having initially a community woodland, and then a community orchard. Officers at the Council invited local people to discuss the future of the land and from this the Frieze Hill Community Orchard Group was formed.

The Community Orchard Group planted the first trees in early 2004. A wide variety of apples are grown here including Kingston Black and Yarlington Mill. A fence along the main railway line, partly covered in bramble, forms the northern boundary. The southern boundary contains the remains of the former Grand Western Canal with a steep south-facing bank and dry ditch. An overgrown ditch forms the western boundary, while the eastern boundary is made up of a newly planted hedge adjacent to the allotments.




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