Appeal against your Business Rates bill

If you disagree with any decision we have made about your Business Rates, you can appeal against it. You should continue to pay your original Business Rates bill while your appeal is outstanding.

If you want to know more about a decision we make or you think it is wrong you can either:

The rules which deal with Business Rates provide a formal appeal process in some cases.

You can appeal against:

Rateable value

If you believe the rateable value of your premises is wrong you can appeal in writing or on-line to the Valuation Office Agency.

Completion notices

If you wish to appeal against a completion notice, because you do not think your property was finished, or could have been finished, by the date we decided email us at and suggest another completion date.

If this cannot be agreed, you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service but you must do this within four weeks of the date of the completion notice.

Discounts, reductions and reliefs

If you disagree with any decision about discounts, reductions or periods of charge, email us at

If we cannot resolve the matter, and you are taken to court about a disputed sum, the Magistrates will consider whether we have been reasonable in our decision.