Empty property rate relief

You don’t have to pay Business Rates on empty buildings for three months. After this time, you will have to pay full Business Rates.

Some properties can get extended Empty Property rate relief:

The Government has introduced a temporary measure for unoccupied 'new builds' from 1 October 2013.  We will use our discretionary powers to exempt unoccupied new builds from business rates for up to 18 months, up to state aid limits, where the property comes on to the list between 1 October 2013 and 30 September 2016.  The 18 month period includes the initial three or six month mandatory exemption.

If you are only using part of a building, you may be able to claim rate relief known as 'Section 44a relief'.  We can award this relief if the 'part occupation' is for a short time only and where:

To apply for empty property rate relief, complete an empty property rates claim form. 

If your property is not capable of occupation because it is in poor condition and cannot be economically repaired, you can ask the Valuation Office Agency to take it off the rating list altogether.