Business Rates relief

There are several rate reliefs you can apply for to reduce your Business Rates:

To apply for any of these relief, please complete a Rate Relief claim form.

Small Business Rate relief

If your business has a rateable value (RV) of less than £12,000, you won’t have to pay Business Rates.

If it has an RV of between £12,000 and £14,999, we can reduce your bill by 1 percent for each £30 below £15,000.

If you use more than one property, you can get Small Business Rate relief if the RV of each of your other properties is less than £2,900 and the total RV of all of them is less than £20,000. We will award the relief on the property with the highest RV.

If your property has an RV below £18,000 we will work out your Business Rates bill using the small business multiplier instead of the standard one. We do this even if your business uses more than one property.

Rural Rate relief

You could get mandatory rural rate relief if your business is in a rural area with a population below 3,000. You can get 100 percent off your business rates if your business is:

If your business cannot get mandatory rate relief, we can still consider Discretionary Rural Rate Relief if the premises have a rateable value of less than £16,500. We will treat each business on its merits looking at the contribution and importance of the business to the local community.

Charity and Community Amateur Sports Clubs, CASCs, rate relief

Charities and CACSs can get their bills reduced by 80 percent if a property is used for charitable purposes.

We can top up the mandatory 80 percent with up to 20 percent Discretionary Rate Relief

Discretionary Rate relief

We can award up to 100 percent Discretionary Rate Relief to not-for-profit organisations, social enterprises and Community Interest Companies.

In the spring budget the government brought in 2 new reliefs

If you wish to claim any of the above you must contact Mr William Walsh to discuss on 01823 219713

Taunton Discretionary Business Rates Scheme Policy

Hardship relief

In exceptional circumstances we can award relief to businesses it considers important to the local community that are suffering exceptional hardship. This is sometimes called 'Section 49 relief'.

Local Business Rate discount

We have the discretion to grant a Local Business Rate Discount for a fixed period to any ratepayer who does not meet the criteria for any other form of rate relief. We will consider applications on the individual merits of the case. 

Local newspapers

We can reduce Business Rates for office space used by local newspapers by up to £1,500 in 2017/18 and 2018/19.