The purpose of consultations is to inform the decisions taken by the Council, to help make the best decisions based on the views of the community and the wider information available to the Council.

Consultation can:

See why we consult and view our Consultation Policy on our Consultation Policy page.

Many of our consultations, are handled through the Consultation Portal.

Here you can view and comment on current documents and proposals. We also consult using a variety of methods, which include public meetings, forums, surveys, and focus groups.

The Taunton Deane Borough Council (Off-Street Parking Places) Order 2018

Notice is hereby given that the Taunton Deane Borough Council proposes making an Order under Sections 35 (1), (3) and (6) and Part IV of Schedule 9 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act, 1984, the effects of which will be to:

The general nature and effect of the changes in the proposed new Order will be to amend tariffs and the categorisation of Taunton car parks from “Shopper 1”, “Shopper 2” and “Commuter” to “Short Stay” and “Long Stay”; remove the concession for valid Blue Badge holders of an allowance of an additional 60 minutes in seven car parks which are to transfer from “Pay and Display” to “Pay on Foot” (barrier controlled); amend the car parks where season tickets/permits are permitted.

TDBC Public Notice - 2018 Order Car Park Notice

TDBC Statement of Reason - 2018

TDBC Off-Street Parking Places Order 2018 Draft V1

Council Tax Support – Consultation for 2019/20

The Government abolished Council Tax Benefit on 1 April 2013 and both Taunton Deane Borough Council (TDBC) and West Somerset Council (WSC) replaced it with a local Council Tax Support scheme that took into account the reduction in Government funding.

On 1 April 2019, both TDBC and WSC will be replaced by Somerset West and Taunton Council and the new Council will need its own Council Tax Support scheme that will be applied consistently for the whole area.

While Council Tax Support is a local scheme, we are not allowed complete freedom on the rules we must apply. Central Government set the scheme for pension-age applicants and they will not be not be directly affected by any changes. 

Our proposed Council Tax Support scheme for people of working age has similar rules to the schemes currently used by TDBC and WSC, although we are proposing some changes. 

Everyone liable to pay Council Tax pays for the Council Tax Support scheme through their Council Tax payments. Therefore, it is important to get the views of all Council Tax payers regardless of whether you receive Council Tax Support or not. 

People who are of state pension credit age will not be affected by any changes and will continue to receive Council Tax Support under the rules that apply in the national scheme. 

Any changes to the scheme will directly affect working-age households receiving Council Tax Support from April 2019 onwards. 

We need to ask for people’s views before making any final decisions on our Council Tax Support scheme for working age people from 1 April 2019. 

So you have all the information you need to provide informed answers, the background to our preferred choices for consultation as well as information about our current Council Tax Support scheme is available on the following links:

Taunton Deane Council Tax reduction scheme 2018-19

Somerset West and Taunton Shadow Scrutiny report 25 June 2018

Shadow Scrutiny minutes 25 June 2018

Please read the consultation booklet for more information.

Complete the Council Tax Support Consultation online.

The consultation period will end on 10 September 2018.