The purpose of consultations is to inform the decisions taken by the Council, to help make the best decisions based on the views of the community and the wider information available to the Council.

Consultation can:

See why we consult and view our Consultation Policy on our Consultation Policy page.

Many of our consultations are handled through the Consultation Portal

Here you can view and comment on current documents and proposals. We also consult using a variety of methods, which include public meetings, forums, surveys, and focus groups.

Taunton – The vision for our Garden Town

We hope this Vision for Taunton sparks debate and interest in our Garden Town.  The Vision has been expressed in words, maps and illustrations.  It is important that we agree a shared Vision for the Garden Town that can guide the actions of many other stakeholders, not just the council, and that can be championed and owned by the whole town.  This Vision framework will influence all plan-making and development management decisions.

Please visit Taunton - The vision for our garden town to complete the on-line feedback survey.

The consultation period ends at 5:00 pm on Friday 26 April 2019.