Council Tax discounts

Occupied properties

A full Council Tax bill assumes there are at least two adults living in the property. 

If only one adult lives in a property, we can reduce the Council Tax by 25 percent. We call this a ‘single person discount’.

Some people are not counted as living in a property for Council Tax purposes, so even if there is more than one adult living in the property, we can still award a discount.

To work out if you qualify, count up the number of people living in your property, leaving out:

The amount of discount you can get will be:

If no one counts as resident because all the residents are severely mentally impaired or students, the property will be exempt from Council Tax.

To apply, the person liable to pay the Council Tax must complete the appropriate discount claim form.

Unoccupied properties

If you own a property where nobody is resident, we will count it as unoccupied. In some cases, we can reduce the Council Tax bill for that property.

We do not count a property as unoccupied where the owner or tenant is temporarily away from home on holiday, on business or in hospital, where they intend to return to the property.

Second homes

By second home, we mean a furnished property that is not anyone’s main home.  

Second homes do not receive a discount – a full charge will apply. However, second homes which are caravans, boats or job-related properties may receive a 50 percent discount.

Unoccupied and substantially furnished properties including empty homes

By ‘substantially unfurnished’ we mean a property with no kitchen equipment, beds or furniture. We can award a 100 percent discount for three months from the date the property first becomes unoccupied and unfurnished. After three months, a full charge will apply.

Empty Property Premium

Properties that have been empty for more than two years will have to pay an 'Empty Property Premium', charged at 50 percent. This means owners of these properties will have to pay 150 percent of the normal Council Tax charge. 

The aim of the premium is to reduce the number of long-term empty homes in our area so we can get as many as possible back into use for local people.

Properties undergoing structural alterations or major repairs

If your property is empty and undergoing major repairs or structural alterations, we can award a 100 percent discount for the first 12 months. After 12 months, no discount will apply and you will have to pay the full Council Tax charge.

For more details and how to apply for this discount, please see our Major Repairs fact sheet.

Derelict properties

Your property is only considered derelict if it:

You can apply to get a derelict property removed from the Council Tax valuation list. Follow the process for making a formal challenge to the VOA.