Deane Helpline charges

Lifeline charges are from 1st April each year.

Payments are made quarterly in advance. A refund is made on any advanced payment should the Lifeline be removed. A charge will be made for replacing any damaged equipment.

Lifeline charges from 1st April 2017

Description Charge per week Charge per quarter Charge per year
Lifeline Rental, Monitoring, Key-holding and Emergency Response Service £5.86  £76.18 £301.72
Additional Pendant £0.50 £6.50 £26.00
Telecare Sensors (each) £0.50 £6.50 £26.00
Minuet Watch instead of Pendant (one off charge) £40.00
Installation and Setup Charge (one off charge) £35.00

 Additional services


Description Set up fee Cost per call
Welfare contact calls £30.00 £0.50

Payment methods

Payment can be made online, by cheque made payable to: Taunton Deane Borough Council or by completing a Direct Debit form. The period of any monitoring agreement is a minimum of 3 months. The agreement can then be cancelled with one month’s notice.

Deane Helpline payments

You can pay for Deane Helpline and Deane Helpline devices using our secure online payment system