Deane Helpline devices

Your Lifeline pendant is supplied as standard. This may be worn around the neck or on the wrist and is waterproof for the shower or bath.

However, for an extra cost we can also supply additional peripheral devices and programme them into your Lifeline system. These devices may need fixing to walls or ceiling, Deane Helpline will arrange for this.

Additional peripheral devices

Pendant alarm with finger pressing the alram buttonPersonal trigger - allows you to summon help anywhere in your home and immediate garden (up to 50 metres from the unit) should you fall or become unwell and are not able to get to the telephone.

Minuet watch Minuet watch - combines a Lifeline alarm button with a normal watch. The watch can also be worn as a pendant

Smoke detector alarm Smoke detector (wireless) - detects smoke in the home and includes 'low battery' alerts.

Flood detector alarm Flood detector - provides an early warning of flood situations such as taps being left on.

Tunstall temperature extremes sensor Temperature extremes sensor - detects high or low temperatures and rapid rise or fall in temperature. Useful for risks in cold weather or over heating.

Vibby fall detector Vibby fall detector - automatically raise an alarm to the Deane Helpline Control Centre if you fall from standing without warning (someone prone to blackouts).

Carbon Monoxide detector Carbon Monoxide detector - warns of dangerous Carbon Monoxide levels in the air which could otherwise go detected.

Bogus caller alarm Bogus caller button - fixed by the front door to raise an alarm in the event of an unexpected caller.

Pill dispenser Pill dispenser - can be easily filled by the user, relative, carer or pharmacist to dispense medication at pre-programmed times. The dispenser will automatically alert the Control Centre if there are any missed doses.

Additional services

We can also supply optional services and peripheral equipment at extra cost, (cost to be individually assessed), which include:


Equipment rental and monitoring charges payments are made quarterly in advance.  A refund is made on any advanced payment should the Lifeline be removed.

The period of any monitoring agreement is a minimum of 3 months.  The agreement can then be cancelled with one month's notice. There is also a 'cooling off period' of 7 days after installation of equipment should you change your mind.

Payment methods

You can make payments online, by cheque made payable to: Taunton Deane Borough Council or by completing a Direct Debit form. 

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