Councillor allowance scheme

Taunton Deane Borough Council is made up of 56 Councillors. The Basic Allowance has to be paid to every Councillor and at the same level for each elected Councillor. It recognises that expenses are incurred in being a Councillor for Ward work and domestic costs. Special Responsibility Allowances are paid to recognise the additional roles some Councillors perform beyond the role of a local Councillor.

Allowances claimed by our Councillors for 2017-2018

The travel allowances are the amounts reclaimed for car mileage or public transport fares.

When a number of Councillors travel to the same event and share the use of a car, only the driver can claim a mileage allowance.

The Subsistence Allowances are the amounts reclaimed for postage, meals and hotel accommodation whilst on official business. They do not include hotel costs paid directly by the Council.

Further information on the allowances arrangements may be obtained from Democratic Services.


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