Freedom of Information publication scheme

Taunton Deane Borough Council already makes a large amount of information available to our citizens in an open and friendly way. Information can be obtained through our website, leaflets and many other publications. The Council wants Taunton Deane's residents to have access to all the information they need in order that they can become involved in, and fully informed of, the Council's business.

Taunton Deane Borough Council's Publication Scheme (which is based on the Information Commissioner's Model Publication Scheme) provides a guide to the information routinely made available to the public and how it can be obtained. The scheme is under regular review (at least annually) to ensure the information we provide is up to date and relevant.

Who can use it?

Any member of the public, or any organisation, can view the Publication Scheme in order to find out what information is available and how to obtain it.

How do I use it?

The information which we have available and how to obtain that information is provided under seven headings;

In most cases the information is available to view on this website. Where this is the case, links are included within the document to take you directly to that information. Where we currently don't publish the information on our website we will let you know how you can obtain the information from us.

What is covered?

The classes of information available will not generally include: 

How much does it cost?

There is currently no fee for the provision of information requested of Taunton Deane Borough Council under the Freedom of Information Act, unless the costs to us exceed £450. We will contact you if this applies to your request. Should we introduce charges for disbursements in order to cover our costs, this section of this web page will be updated with details of the charges.

Laws and regulation