Food safety training

Employees who handle or prepare food, whether open (unwrapped) or packaged foods are required to be supervised and instructed and/or trained in food hygiene matters relative to their work activities. The requirement does not apply to all people involved in a food business.

The level and amount of training will depend on the job of the individual and the type of food that they handle. People who handle open high risk foods, such as cooked meats, will require more advanced training than someone who handles low risk foods such as wrapped sweets and crisps. It is not always necessary for all staff to undergo formal training; it may be sufficient in some instances for supervision and instruction to be given by a more senior member of staff.

Further information about food safety training can be found at the Food Standards Agency (FSA) Training for food handlers webpage.

We don’t provide any food safety training and are unable to provide recommendations for private companies.