Dog waste

Dog owners are legally obliged to immediately remove their dogs’ faeces from land to which the public has access. If no dog bin is nearby, the owner should take the bag home to dispose of the waste.

Dog faeces can carry dangerous disease called Toxocariasis, which can cause severe problems to children’s health, including blindness.

Owners who do not pick up after their dogs can face a fixed penalty of £50, or prosecution, which can result in a fine up to £1,000. For details please see Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996.

If you have evidence of someone not picking up after their dog or wish to report a heavily fouled area please fill out the Report dog fouling online form or telephone 01823 356356.

We have over 200 dog waste bins across Taunton Deane, which are emptied regularly. If you notice a full, damaged or vandalised dog bin please report it online or telephone 01823 356356.

If you are a dog owner please read Responsible Dog Ownership leaflet.

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